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  • Ramesh Bhat
  • Sammy McSweeney
  • Nick Swainston
  • Susmita Sett
  • Ryan Shannon
  • Mengyao Xue
  • Marcin Sokolowski
  • Gayatri Aniruddha
  • Ian Morrison


  1. General updates and plans (Ramesh) 
  2. VCSbeam and documentation (Sammy) 
  3. Processing and database updates (Nick)
  4. Papers and progress (Sammy/Ramesh) 
  5. Database of pulsar detections (Nick, all)


  • Ramesh’s update:
    • No change in sky coverage plot
    • MWA configuration change:
      • Change (to extended configuration) was planned for early March (as of recent emails)
      • However, due to various circumstances, configuration change will be starting imminently
      • Will have to wait for details before we can make solid plans for remaining SMART observations
      • However, new system has smaller turnaround time for data throughput, so more observations can be packed into a smaller number of days (which may be crucial for strategising the remaining observations).
    • Search sensitivity
      • Plot shown (intended for SMART survey description paper, Bhat et al in prep) showing sensitivity as a function of DM.
      • Tsys is worse by factor of ~2 in Galactic plane compared to elsewhere.
      • Scattering can significantly reduce sensitivity
      • SMART still 3-5 times more sensitive than 70-cm survey (for long period pulsars)
      • Smearing time. Turns out that DM steps used for shallow pass are big enough to dominate smearing time. This will have to inform deep shallow.
    • Referee report received for McSweeney et al. (submitted) last week.
      • (Sam will report more later in the meeting)
    • PSR #3
      • Current position good to ~1-2 arcminutes
      • Not seen in TGSS and 70cm
        • Sensitive down to 4mJy
        • Same frequency as SMART
        • Indicative S_150 ~ 10-15 mJy, spectral index < -1.8
        • Cycle 42 GMRT proposal due in 48 hours
    • Positive response for ASTAC (2022A) proposal
    • Personnel:
      • Nick switching to part time – he got a job at CIC! (Congrats!)
      • Garvit will be starting >= March
      • Brad Meyers coming back in Sem 2
    • Discussion:
      • RS: Any re-observations (or archival obs) of PSR #3?
        • NS: No, it’s in a historically less frequently sampled field.
  • Sammy’s update:
  • Nick’s update:
    • At 39/51 first pass shallow search processing complete
    • Database webapp has lots of nice new features, but current set of bugs means nothing that can be shown at today’s meeting (stay tuned!)
    • SM: How many of the 39 (out of 51) have been ranked?
      • NS: Not many. Maybe ~6 (by humans), but ~30 (by ML)
  • Sammy’s 2nd update:
    • Second paper referee report arrived
    • Generally positive, can probably turn around revision in a few weeks (depending on Sammy’s time management!)
  • Ramesh’s survey paper update:
    • >⅓ of paper has draft text
    • Quick overview of some figures in various stages of completion
    • Not yet ripe enough to share Overleaf more broadly, but is coming along
    • Discussion on what data products can be made available to public – more discussion later
    • Ways to improve Table 1 (Known pulsars detected in SMART survey)
      • Include offsets from true positions
      • Include some spectral index info
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