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General updates (Ramesh)

  • J0026 - 1956 (Sammy) - Nice demonstration of beam pattern, and the benefits of the clustering algorithm. Was discovered in the grating lobe before clustering algorithm was implemented. Similar grating lobe detections now can be done with clustering algorithm that has similar period and DM. PSR3 was also detected in 3 beams and was helped with clustering algorithm.
  • SMART survey observing - delay to the start of 2022A semester, pushed to June. Major lightning strike caused the delay. No delay forecast for the start of 2022B semester (October 1)
  • MWA proposal accepted and TAC approved for 2022A. Advancing the science commissioning of MWAX VCS. TIming and imaging follow-up of PSR #3
  • GTAC Cycle 42 proposal accepted with full time allocation. Imaging (for localisation) and Bands 3 and 4 follow up of J1002.
  • Parkes 2022APRS - observation in progress (P1149). Timing and broadband polarimetery of J1002-2036
  • Green time at Parkes this semester if more time for observing is needed!
  • MWAX VCS commissioning for 2022A

  • GMRT imaging of PSR J0026 -  Band 3 and Band 4 imaging detection is successful. However not at the expected sensitivity maybe due to the presence of a bright source very near the interested source. Combing with TGSS, ASKAP-Low and ASKAP-High flux densities, implied spectral index of -1.6. 30" offset between Band 3 and 4 positions and between Band 3 vs Nick's grid.

SMART web-app (Sammy)

  • Bugs have been removed, pretty good shape right now
  • Right now accessible to small group — in the long term , extend to public outreach
  • ADACS proposal to handle that has been submitted
  • Presently it lists all the candidates - clicking on the thumbnail brings to the main screen where candidates can be ranked
  • Rating from 1 to 5 - 5 is excellent, 1 is not good at all
  • Find similar cands with DM and period - fast track way to rank similar cands to the front of the list
  • Various search filters have been incorporated that can be chosen by the user. Very handy!
  • Check boxes to apply same rating to multiple candidates that may be reincarnation of one candidate.
  • Grating lobe detections and harmonic detections can also be rated at the same time
  • Lacks a way to list the best candidates in the table which will be incorporated soon
  • Garvit tops the leader board
  • Weekly pulsar hunting sessions on Monday evening

Hunting sessions (Garvit)

  • Some recent candidates have been found.
  • 2 cands with same DM and period
  • These cands will be followed up by beamforming on the candidates and searching for the whole 80 minutes of data
  • Strange large DM candidate - can possibly get the array factor map, and then determine the grating lobe detections and then narrow down on where to point for following this candidate up.

Paper updates (Sammy/Ramesh)

  • Beamformer paper accepted by PASA. t is there on arxiv.
  • Sammy's paper is close
  • Survey description paper coming along - deadline of 25th April for collab review


  • Steven is happy to proof read the paper
  • Most of the paper plots are done, deadline of 25th April (by Nick)
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