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As part of the MWAX new correlator development and testing, an observation was taken using both the MWAX correlator and the existing MWA correlator.

Observation: 1297526432

Obs ID: 1297526432

View Receiver PPDs

MWA and MWAX correlator mode:

  • Frequency averaging: 10 kHz
  • Integration time: 0.5 second

MWAX Corrections Applied: None

  • Specifically:
    • No cable length corrections
    • No geometric corrections
    • No digital gain correction
    • No bandpass corrections

Observation duration:

  • MWA: 296 seconds
  • MWAX: 296 seconds

Channel selection comparison:

Receiver Channel #MWA Coarse Channel #MWAX Coarse Channel #

Data Access:

Download MWA observation via MWA ASVO: click here (24 coarse channels, metafits)

Download MWAX data: click here (7 coarse channels worth of fits files)

Receiver / Tile health:

Bad pointing: rec08:[LBB5], rec10:[RFIpole], rec14:[LBC1]

Bad Beam Shape: rec03:[LBF7] rec10:[Tile102] rec16:[Tile164]

Due to failure of an SFP at the MRO, no MWAX data was received from VCS11.

See the following articles for information on ordering of data and fits format:

MWAX Visibility File Format

MWAX Antenna Ordering

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