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There is at least one faulty clock path from the building to the beige fibre patch cabinet in the field, which has resulted in the necessity to use an optical splitter on another known good clock path to create a replacement fibre clock signal for an MWA receiver.

Also, since we know this technique works, two further clock-splits have been performed in the Beige cabinet, and one inside Rec05, in order to create sources for things other than the first sixteen MWA receivers.

Bad Paths

The only currently known bad clock path is either the relevant output of the clock fibre driver module, or between the fobots on the MWA buried fibre cable associated with Rec02. That is, ports 6A and 6B (fibres 11 and 12) in the right-hand side of column "A" in the top fobot in the Beige cabinet is empty, and Rec02 is clocked from a split of Rec09's clock.

Splits in the beige cabinet

Source: Column "B", left-hand side, port 6A/B (ie. Rec03)

Dest 1: Rec03

Dest 2: Telstra-hut for MWA clock decoder board for BigDas (currently disconnected due to borrowing the clock-dec for the single-NI)

Source: Column "E", left-hand side, ports 6A/B (ie. Rec09)

Dest 1: Rec09

Dest 2: Rec02 (see description of known faulty clock path above).

Source: Column "F", right-hand side, ports 6A/B (ie. Rec12)

Dest 1: Rec12

Dest 2: Rec17 - 8*NI box.

Splits in the field

There is one last split inside Rec05 which is being used to supply the clock-decoder borrowed from the Telstra hut, in order to drive the single NI which is co-observing with one tile in Rec05.

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