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These services allow the user to view a dynamic (zoomable) map of the MWA, as at a particular instant, with tiles drawn to scale, and showing any tile or dipole faults. The main use is as a dynamic map (the 'tilemap' service), or if you want to embed a static image in another web page, you can use the 'tileimage' service.

Tilemap web service


This returns a human-readable web page with a clickable, zoomable map of the MWA at the current time, showing tile flags/errors and known dipole faults from the most recent observation. Click on the '+' and '-' buttons at the ends of the scale bar (top left) to zoom in an out, or click on any tile to re-centre the map on that tile. 

Optional parameters are:

  • obs_id or obsid: Use the tile configuration, flags, and pointing/dipole faults for the given observation, instead of the most recent one.
  • tile_id or tileid: Center the map on this tile.
  • radius: map radius (actually half the map width/height) in metres.
  • imsize: Image size, in pixels.

Tileimage web service


This returns a bare PNG image file, for embedding in another web page. The image includes the scale bar, but is not clickable/zoomable (that functionality is in the HTML returned by the 'tilemap' service).

Optional parameters are the same as the above Tilemap web service.

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