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mwa_track_primary_beam_response -h
usage: mwa_track_primary_beam_response [OPTIONS]


	-m, --metafits=FILE        FILE is the metafits file for the target observation (required)
	-r, --RA=HH:MM:SS          Tied-array pointing direction, right ascension (required)
	-d, --Dec=DD:MM:SS         Tied-array pointing direction, declination (required)
	-f, --freq_MHz=MHZ         Frequency in MHz [default: mid-frequency of observation]
	-x, --width=DEG            Width of image in degrees [default: 1.0]
	-X, --npixelsx=PIXELS      Width of image in pixels [default: 100]
	-y, --height=DEG           Height of image in degrees [default: 1.0]
	-Y, --npixelsy=PIXELS      Height of image in pixels [default: 100]
	-o, --outfile=FILENAME     Write the results to FILENAME [default is to write to STDOUT]
	-h, --help                 Write this help message and exit


mwa_track_primary_beam_response example
$ mwa_tied_array_beam_psf -m 1165080856_metafits_ppds.fits -r 06:30:49.404393 -d -28:34:42.77881 -x 2 -y 2 -o psf.dat
$ gnuplot
gnuplot$ set xrange [*:*] noextend; set xlabel "RA (hours)"
gnuplot$ set yrange [*:*] noextend; set ylabel "Dec (degs)"
gnuplot$ set cbrange [1e-2:*] noextend; set cblabel "Array factor"
gnuplot$ set logscale cb
gnuplot$ plot 'psf.dat' with image

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