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Container imagesoftware within container
/pawsey/mwa/singularity/casa/casa.imgcasa casaviewer 
/pawsey/mwa/singularity/cotter/cotter_latest.sifaoflagger aoqplot aoquality cotter fixmwams rfigui
/pawsey/mwa/singularity/wsclean/wsclean_2.9.2.imgwsclean  aoflagger casacore chgcentre  python2.7 python3.6
/pawsey/mwa/singularity/mwa-reduce/mwa-reduce.imgaddimg addimg aegean2model apparently applybeam applyion applysolutions autoprocess bbs2model beam calibrate cluster editmodel fitsmodel flagantennae flagbaselines flagionsolutions flagmwa flagsolutions flagsubbands ionpeel matchsources mrc2model mwafinfo pbaddimg pbcorrect peel phasecal regridimg render scaleimage sedcombine solutiontool storetime subtrmodel vo2model
/pawsey/mwa/singularity/python/python_latest.sifstilts python3 numpy cython scipy matplotlib astropy aipy h5py healpy ipython pandas pyyaml tqdm colorama patsy statsmodels AegeanTools mwa-hyperbeam pyuvdata PyBDSF
/pawsey/mwa/singularity/rfi_seeker/rfi_seeker.imgRFISeeker python3 astropy numpy scipy matplotlib wcstools
/pawsey/mwa/singularity/robbie/robbie-next.sifRobbie-next topcat stilts python3 AegeanTools astropy healpy numpy scipy lmfit pandas matplotlib 
/pawsey/mwa/singularity/manta-ray-client/manta-ray-client_latest.sif MWA client


  • Remove the module load and export commands from your .bashrc and .profile files
  • See README on the manta-ray client github for how to setup asvo access via a batch script.
  • Contact your admin rep (Paul/Chris/Sammy) before contacting help@pawsey as there are some things that we can fix faster.
  • Only members of the group mwaadmin can build software and edit the module files in /group/mwa/software. We have automated the build process for future reference. If you require software that is not in there, and which is to be used by more than 1-2 people, then contact one your admin rep and we will work something out.