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Access to all MWA visibility data is now via the MWA node of the All Sky Virtual Observatory (ASVO). The MWA ASVO provides a web interface, as well as a command line interface and API to access raw uncalibrated visibility data. The raw visibility data is in an MWA-specific format, so we also offer the ability to convert the data into a CASA measurement set or uvfits format. When converting visibilities to these standard formats, there are options to also frequency or time average the data- thus reducing the size of the download. 


Click here to go to the MWA ASVO website

Getting Help

  • Contact MWA ASVO Support for questions/issues/suggestions with the website/api/client
  • If you would like more information relating to how to work with / process MWA data, please visit the MWA Telescope Data Analysis Help page to get in touch with the MWA Collaboration.



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