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Table Access Protocol (TAP)

The IVOA's table access protocol (TAP) provides tabular metadata to astronomers via a standard interface. The TAP service url is: The most common use of the TAP service is within a VO client, such as TOPCAT or pyvo. For more background information on the IVOA and using VO protocols, please see IVOA: Information for Astronomers.

Using TOPCAT to access the MWA TAP Service


Code Block
<Table length=3>
  obs_id        obsname      
  int64         bytes255     
---------- ------------------
1261912984  Cal_PKS2356-61_69
1261913160  Cal_PKS2356-61_93
1261913336  Cal_PKS2356-61_121

Using ADQL to Write TAP Queries

The Astronomical Data Query Language (ADQL) an SQL-like language used by astronomers to interact with TAP services. The full specification is available here:, however if you have a little or no familiarity with SQL you can get started writing queries in ADQL.

Please also see the following excellent resources to help you learn ADQL syntax:

Available MWA TAP Tables