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BASEURL/progress/update - eg,,

Parameters are:

  • jobid: The job ID passed in when this worker was created.
  • workid: Arbitrary string, integer or float defining one particular worker process - eg 'worker7', 'node32', 'flagger', etc. Must be unique within this individual job. Displayed as the plot's Y tick labels, so keep it short.
  • current: Integer or float representing the progress of this worker so far.
  • total: The 'end point' when this worker will have finished. The plot simply shows current/total as a percentage. 
  • ok: If this parameter is supplied, and equal to zero, then the bar plot for this worker is shown in red, to indicate a problem. The worker could send this status if it exits without finishing cleanly.
  • desc: Arbitrary status string to display in the plot, inside or next to the bar for this worker. Keep it short, or the plot will look ugly.