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The value in each cell is the total of all data from all coarse channels, in gigabytes, generated in 1 second (GB/s). Multiply by the duration of your observation to get total size of your observation in the mode chosen.

Blue cellsSupportedModes identical to the legacy correlator
Green cellsSupportedModes which are new to MWA and which are supported
Orange cellsUnsupportedModes which take more than 8 seconds to process 8 seconds of input data, or which generate more than 100 Gbp/s (thus not sustainable), and thus not selectable normally
Yellow cellsMay be supportedModes pending more testing (for throughput and also if the mode has a fine chan width which is not an integer), but which may end up being supported


Note: when in extended / long baseline configuration, most science cases will require to use the 10 kHz, 0.5 sec mode at a minimum until the fringe stopping feature is enabled