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languagetext --obsid <obs ID> --calid <cal ID> --all (or --begin <begin GPS time> --end <end GPS time>) --pointings <"RA string">_<"DEC string">,<"RA string">_<"DEC string"> [--ipfb] [--summed]

where ["RA string"] is formatted as "" and ["DEC string"] is is formatted as "" (including the sign: "+" or "-") you can also include multiple pointings by separating them by a spacecomma (,). The beamformer will output full polarisation (Stokes I, Q, U & V) PSRFITS files unless you used the --summed flag. The summed option only outputs Stokes I which means you can't create polarisation profiles but uses a quarter of the storage and for that reasons is useful for large scale searches.