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Team members:  James Allison (Oxford), Tao An (SHAO), Joe Callingham (ASTRON), Bryan Gaensler (Toronto), Gulay Gurkan Uygun (CASS), George Heald (CASS), Natasha Hurley-Walker (ICRAR-Curtin), Melanie Johnston-Hollitt (ICRAR-Curtin), Ben Quici (ICRAR-Curtin), Chris Riseley (Bologna), Kat Ross (ICRAR-Curtin), Elaine Sadler (CASS, Sydney), Nick Seymour (ICRAR-Curtin), Tsutomu Takeuchi (Nagoya), Tessa Vernstrom (CASS),  Jennifer West (Toronto), Sarah White (SARAO, Rhodes), Ivy Wong (ICRAR-UWA), Minfeng Gu (SHAO),  Baoqiang Lao (+ please add your name if you are interested in joining the team)


J. Allison: 21-cm line absorption in a sample of candidate high-redshift radio galaxies (collaborators Hurley-Walker, Callingham, Tremblay & Sadler)

J. Broderick: MWA observations of the SPARCS reference fields (collaborators Heald, Hurley-Walker, Seymour)J. Broderick: New high-redshift radio galaxy candidates from GLEAM (collaborator Seymour)


K. Ross, PhD project: 'Understanding the Nature of Peaked-Spectrum Sources' (supervisors Seymour, Hurley-Walker & Callingham; #22 on student projects wiki page)

Recent publications:

Upcoming conferences/meetings:

  • SALF VI, Tempe, 2019 December 9-11 (several team members attending)
  • MWA project meeting, 2019 December 12 (several team members attending; abstract deadline October 31).
  • Busy day at SALF / MWA project meeting in Tempe on December 13 (or shorter face-to-face meeting)? Please let Jess know if you are interested. 
  • 2nd Australia-ESO joint conference, Perth, 2020 February 17-21 (several team members attending)
  • APRIM 2020, Perth, 2020 July 6-10 (abstract deadline February 14)

Recent updates:

2019 October

  • GLEAM 4-Jy Sample Papers I and II submitted to PASA (White et al.)

2019 September

Recent invited talks:

Upcoming conferences/meetings:

  • GeG Celebration of Science, Feb. 26
  • ASA 2021, July 12-16, University of Melbourne