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  "1336138200_20220509132942_ch148_001.fits": {
    "filetype": 18,
    "size": 9235817280,
    "host": "mwax21",
    "site_path": "",
    "remote_archived": true,
    "checksum": "ef7b3556da233628f4063325d458e263",
    "checskum_type": 1,
    "deleted": false,
    "deleted_timestamp": null,
    "location": 2,
    "prefix": null,
    "bucket": "mwaingest-13361",
    "folder": null,
    "dl_name": "Ceph",
    "dl_url": ""


"1336138200_20220509132942_ch162_000.fits": { "filetype": 18, "size": 10865666880, "host": "mwax07", "site_path": "", "remote_archived": true, "checksum": "d6ef5b6036e7a5e95d360631cf4208d1", "checskum_type": 1, "deleted": false, "deleted_timestamp": null, "location": 2, "prefix": null, "bucket": "mwaingest-13361", "folder": null, "dl_name": "Ceph", "dl_url": "" } }

Get MWA project information for a given project ID or observation

eg, or 

This service returns details about a single MWA project. You can either pass a project ID code (eg G0008), or you can specify a single observation (by passing either an observation ID (starttime in GPS seconds) with the obs_id or obsid parameter, or by passing the full name of a data file recorded by that observation using the filename parameter).

The parameters are:

  • obs_id: An observation ID (GPS start time in seconds)
  • filename: One data file name associated with anobservation, instead of an obs_id
  • project_id: MWA project ID code, eg G0008.
  • pretty1 to have the JSON results are indented to make them more human readable (the default when a GUI web browser is used to make the query). If 0 is passed (the default when called by a script), then the results are not indented.

Example output is:

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  "project_id": "G0055",
  "description": "(P.I. Gemma Anderson) Proposal for MWA rapid-response observations of GRBs",
  "shortname": "GRB alerts",
  "asvo_priority": 1