Team lead: Dr Chenoa Tremblay Australia


James Allison England

Natasha Hurley-Walker Australia

Elaine Sadler Australia

Nick Seymour Australia

Lister Staveley-Smith Australia

Tsutomu Takeuchi Japan

Sarah White South Africa

Slava Kitaeff

Christoph Weniger

Active Surveys:

HIghZ: A blind 21-cm line survey for high-redshift radio galaxies (G0036)

Molecular Lines in the Galactic Centre (G0018)

Radio Recombination Spectral Lines toward Galactic Centre and NGC6334 (G0015)

Axion Searches with the MWA. – Student Project

SETI Search of Proxima Cen

Paper Proposals:

Tremblay, Chenoa et al. "An Australian view of RCW 38 and other Southern HII Regions" – Uses public MWA data, ASKAP, Parkes and ATCA.

Hurley-Walker et al. "Search for red-shifted HI with the MWA"


Tremblay, Chenoa et al. "Nitric Oxide and other molecules: Molecular Modelling and Low Frequency Exploration using the Murchison Widefield Array"  (

Tremblay, C.D. , Tingay, S.J. "A SETI Survey of the Vela Region using the Murchison Widefield Array: Orders of Magnitude Expansion in Search Space" PASA 2020PASA...37...35T (

Tremblay, Chenoa "A Search for Molecules at Low Frequency with the Murchison Widefield Array" Ph.D. Thesis (

Tremblay, C. D.; Jones, P. A.; Cunningham, M.; Hurley-Walker, N.; Jordan, C. H.; Tingay, S. J. "A Molecular Line Survey around Orion at Low Frequencies with the MWA" (

Tremblay, Chenoa D.; Jordan, Christopher H.; Cunningham, Maria; Jones, Paul A.; Hurley-Walker, Natasha "Low-Frequency Carbon Recombination Lines in the Orion Molecular Cloud Complex" (

Tremblay, Chenoa D.; Hurley-Walker, Natasha; Cunningham, Maria; Jones, Paul A.; Hancock, Paul J.; Wayth, Randall; Jordan, Christopher H. "A first look for molecules between 103 and 133 MHz using the Murchison Widefield Array" (