IVOA Obscore

Column NameData TypeDescription
obs_idVARCHAR(8)Observation ID
dataproduct_typeVARCHAR(50)Logical data product type
dataproduct_subtypeVARCHAR(20)Logical data product subtype
calib_levelSMALLINTCalibration level (0, 1, 2, 3, 4)
target_nameVARCHAR(255)Astronomical object observed if any
obs_titleVARCHAR(255)Title of the data observation
obs_collectionVARCHAR(255)Name of the data collection
obs_creator_nameVARCHAR(255)Name of the creator of the observation
obs_publisher_didVARCHAR(255)Dataset identifier given by the publisher
access_urlVARCHAR(255)URL used to access (download) dataset
access_formatVARCHAR(50)File content format
access_estsizeBIGINTEstimated size of dataset in kilobytes
s_raDOUBLECentral right ascension, ICRS
s_decDOUBLECentral declination, ICRS
s_fovDOUBLEDiameter (bounds) of the covered region
s_regionREGIONSky region covered by the data product (expressed in ICRS frame)
s_resolutionDOUBLESpatial resolution of data as FWHM
s_xel1INTEGERNumber of elements along the first spatial axis
s_xel2INTEGERNumber of elements along the second spatial axis
t_xelINTEGERNumber of elements along the time axis
t_minDOUBLEStart time in MJD
t_maxDOUBLEStop time in MJD
t_exptimeDOUBLETotal exposure time
t_resolutionDOUBLETemporal resolution FWHM
em_xelINTEGERNumber of elements along the spectral axis
em_minDOUBLEStart in spectral coordinates
em_maxDOUBLEStop in spectral coordinates
em_res_powerDOUBLESpectral resolving power
o_ucdVARCHAR(50)UCD of observable
pol_xelINTEGERNumber of polarization samples
pol_statesVARCHAR(11)List of polarization states or NULL if not applicable
facility_nameVARCHAR(50)The observatory or facility used to collect the data
instrument_nameVARCHAR(50)The name of the instrument used for the acquisition of the observation
obs_release_dateTIMESTAMPDate the embargo lifted for this observation